2018 Seasonal Gathering

The Schedule (as it stands)

Finalisation of the program will not occur until Friday evening (the “Who wants to do a workshop" workshop), and even then, minor changes may occur.
There are no physical workshop facilities this year, everything is outside.


Saturday 17 Nov 2018

4.48am Sunrise

7 am | Breakfast (self-cater)

9 am | CAW Clergy - Ritual and its purpose - A guided discussion about what rituals we have in our daily lives, what spiritual rituals consist of, and the purpose they fulfil.

10.30 am | Everyone - Ritual Workshop - Here we will create our ritual to celebrate spring. From the ground up we will construct a ritual from scratch using the wants and needs of everyone in attendance.

12.30pm Lunch (self-cater)

2 pm | Q&A - The Oracle - Ask any question you like of 'The Oracle' and receive a response (of some sort). Responses may be sensible, silly or provided in binary code. Caution: Oracular advice may be hazardous to your health if followed ...
or ... Vacant - Put your workshop here!

3 pm | Ritual Preparation - time to cleanse and get dressed up!

4 pm | The Ritual - from previous workshops

5.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.21pm Sunset

8.00pm | Bardic circle (bring a song, sea-shanty or similar)


Sunday 18 Nov 2018

4.48am Sunrise

7 am Breakfast (self-cater)

9 am | CAW Clergy - Thankfulness - A guided discussion about awareness, thankfulness, and the joys of life.

10 am | Vacant - Put your workshop here!

11 am | Top hat discussions – everyone who wishes to propose a topic of discussion may write it on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. One item at a time to be drawn from the hat for open discussion.

12.30pm Lunch (self-cater)

2 pm | Vacant - Put your workshop here!

3 pm | NMC - Event debrief - Guided discussion about our seasonal gathering, the good, the bad, and the improvements we can make.

4 pm | Closing Ritual

5.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.22pm Sunset

8pm | Bardic Circle - Story telling/ open mike (without the mike)


Updated 23/09/18