2018 Seasonal Gathering
16-19 Nov 2018

One of a few swimming spots


Ever a theme of the Church of All Worlds, our new site has a couple of great swimming holes.

Come share water with us!

The Gorge

The Gorge

Less than 90 minutes from the CBD, The Gorge is a picturesque location with a creek that normally runs all year round.

Camp, van or bunk


Bunks are limited so pay your deposit early. There's heaps of room to camp or bring a van. Full site information will be supplied to all registered guests prior to the event.


Seasonal Gathering

Our last few Summer Gatherings have been quite hot. So we've changed the name ... from now on CAW will be hosting an annual Seasonal Gathering and we intend on moving through the seasons.

Come camping with us!

Calling all Earthy and Magickal folk. The Seasonal Gathering is open to everyone.

This event will have a similar format to our last gathering. C.A.W. will collect the site fees, arrange the dates, and provide a workshop or three, but the rest is up to you. The prices are minimal and it's now BYO everything.

Bring a Workshop

If you want to run a workshop, tell us and we'll make room for you. We'd love to cancel some of the ones we've planned to make room for a new point of view. The workshops page has just been updated, and will probably be updated again as presenters confirm their attendance, so keep watching!


It's Bardic Circle every night!

Bring a story, a poem, a limeric or a song. A ditty, a shanty or lead a sing-a-long. If you have a skill as a bard or a mage, come to the gathering and we'll lend you a stage.


There's plenty of room for camping and vans but there are limited bunks available on this site, so first in best dressed.


There's a creek running through the site with several great swimming holes, but BYO drinking water.

Come join us and share the water of life.


Updated 23/09/18